Nintendo’s Shinya Takahashi has confirmed that Switch eShop purchases will be linked to your account, though you can only download

Cards Agains Humanity is about to be bolstered by a Mass Effect expansion, featuring 14 cards that have had input

Nier: Automata won’t be released in Australia until March 10, but the Japanese version, released yesterday, features all the English

Nintendo has jumped the gun and released a Switch unboxing video about a day before media and influencers will be

Titanfall 2 is getting a new six-versus-six pilots only mode in a free update on February 24, Australian time. Live

The Final Fantasy series has been awarded three new positions in the Guinness World Records, officially becoming the “Most prolific

After accidentally suggesting Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy was a permanent PS4 exclusive, PlayStation Ireland has reiterated that it’s coming to

Dead Rising 4 will be released on Steam on 14 March 2017, Capcom has confirmed on Twitter. Dead Rising 4

To celebrate 80 million downloads on iOS and Android, the French have been added as a new playable nation in World of

Bethesda has returned to Morrowind early, with the first gameplay trailer for the upcoming The Elder Scrolls Online expansion. It’s

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Limited Edition will be available to pre-order very briefly today at

Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has temporarily turned influencer, publishing the first unboxing video of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of

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Speaking with Stevivor, Guerrilla Games’ Joel Eschler describes how a New Zealand developer named Hugh saved Horizon: Zero Dawn‘s underground

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, seemed pretty comfortable when I told him Sony had called Horizon: Zero Dawn and

Joel Eschler, Senior Producer at Guerrilla Games, told Stevivor that Horizon: Zero Dawn has been designed to cater to stealth

One mode inside Resident Evil 7‘s “Banned Footage Vol. 2”, 21, is hellish fun… so long as you understand Blackjack. We